Patterns & Best Practices For Moving From RDBMS to Azure Storage


I recently presented at DotNetConf 2013 on how to make the paradigm shift from the relational data world like SQL to the non-relational world of Azure Storage.  I had a lot of fun giving the talk.  This was my first public technical speaking event, so any constructive feedback is very welcome!

In the talk I discuss:

  • A quick overview of Azure Storage with a focus on Table Store
  • The trade off between scale and consistency in Azure Table
  • The importance of Table Partitions in Azure Table
  • A Code example of a Simple Stats Storage Layer in SQL and Azure.
  • The benefits of Immutable data, and how you can realistically implement this
  • Using the Saga Pattern for distributed or long running transactions

The Slides for the Presentation are posted on SpeakerDeck
All of the code I use in my slides is available on GitHub.

Resources & References

If you want to dig in deeper.  Below is a great list of resources.  Also I include Links to the quotes and papers I referenced in my talk.

Relational vs Non-Relational

Getting Started with Azure Table

Saga Pattern

Immutable Data:

Google Spanner


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