Halo Pride

Halo Pride _feature image

Pride Weekend in Seattle is always a good time, the city especially Capitol Hill is decked out in rainbows, and the Pride parade is always a spectacle to be seen.

This year the Warthog made a special appearance in the Pride Parade.  A bunch of 343ers, including myself, marched along to show support, along with our General Manager Bonnie Ross, Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill, and Pricipal Producer CJ Saretto rode in the back of the Warthog tossing out t-shirts.

I might not be the same, but that’s not important
No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it

-Same Love, Macklemore

The crowds went nuts for the Warthog.  It was awesome to see people’s faces as they recognized the vehicle as it rolled down the street.  In addition to the Warthog, we had a DJ booth on a flatbed truck following behind us providing music to march to, including Halo 4 Soundtrack Remixes.

At one point along the route the Warthog was boarded by a Drag Queen who was hosting the parade.  As we drove up she proclaimed that we STOP!  At which point she climbed on board, with sequins and all!  She was quite impressed with our ride!


Working at 343 has offered me some awesome opportunities, like attending E3 & PAX.  Plus as a studio we try to give back to the community by supporting charities like Make a Wish and Child’s Play, which always leaves a smile on my face.  Having Halo show up at Pride in a big way to show our support was yet another awesome experience to add to the list!  I loved being able to march and show Allied support for Pride.  Plus we got to rock some really awesome Pride themed Halo shirts!  Next year I think we need a bubble turret!

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