Digital Ghosts

To wrap up my Digital 1: Photography class our final assignment was to produce a mini show of 5 photos with a common theme of our choosing and an artist statement, to display at the final class.


Digital Ghosts

Technology is a common part of our every day lives.  We interact with it at home and in the workplace.  Advances in mobile technology no longer require people to be tethered, instead they are constantly connected, there is a invisible digital fabric happening all around us.

Technology is a huge passion of mine, as I am a software developer working on web services, so I decided to explore the idea of visualizing the pervasiveness of technology all around us using wearable technology.

All of the pieces in this collection were shot while models wore a Light Hoodie.  The Light Hoodie was created out of a strand of individually programmable full spectrum LEDs, Neopixels,  that were driven by a Trinket circuit board and powered by batteries.  The string of LEDs were sewn into the hood and inside of black hoodies.

Every piece in this collection was created using a single exposure.  The images were captured in Seattle using pre-existing light sources and the light hoodies.  No additional light sources were used to paint scenes.