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Postojna Cave

Upon arriving to Postojna Caves in Slovenia, we boarded open air rail cars to take us into the caves.  We sped through carved out tunnels that opened into massive underground chambers with stalactite chandeliers.  One we arrived we walked through the the Postojna Cave and then followed the underground river Pivka into the Pivka Cave and Black Cave, each having their own distinct geography.

As we wondered through the alien terrain, the lights went out.  Complete and total blackness.  Darker than any black I have ever experienced.  It was a terrifying moment, that was apparently randomly planned.  They came back on in after about 10-15 seconds and by that time my adrenaline was pumping.

At the end of the walk, we entered a massive chamber known as the concert hall.  The acoustics and the echo are so superb that they sometimes hold concerts down there so I belted out a couple arias just to test it out before boarding the train cars back to the surface.

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